Do not respond to letters from Robinson Way Hoist Finance.

Debt collector job interview skills?

Relevant personality requirement?

Do you think it’s a good task for a debt collector job interview to be asked to kill a small animal or a cat with your bare hands without any remorse what so ever?

It’s common to discover on the consumer action forums that Robinson Way debt collectors are not very popular.

Do not pay Robinson Way.
Do not take calls from Robinson Way Debt Collectors.
Do not respond to letters from Robinson Way Hoist Finance.
If you do get a letter from Robinson Way Account Collections send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to Robinson Way Debt Collections under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Robinson Way Debt Company but don’t delete them.
Robinson Way Limited is very common.
Block all Robinson Way phone numbers in your mobile.

Robinson Way Debt Collector Harassment

Debt collector home visit – nasty thug banging your door?

Often the most evil debt recovery specialists send threatening men to your house to intimidate you into making unaffordable payments.

Have You Received Nasty Debt Collector Threatening Letters?

Many of the most horrible debt collectors use threatening letters to find out if it is worth pursuing a CCJ against you.

Harassment calls

Some of the most horrible debt collectors use auto dialer boiler rooms to make persistent and repeated harassment calls to your home, your work phone and your mobile to bully you into robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Attachment of earnings order (DEA)

The excellent thing about a direct earnings attachment is on occasion you don’t need to pay anything and your office may not need to find out.